Comprehensive lameness and prepurchase exams tailored to the needs of the individual horse, whether a competitive, pleasure or retired horse. These examinations encompass thorough palpation of the body, flexion tests, and hoof tester use where appropriate. The patient is examined at rest and while moving on hard as well as soft footing, both on a circle and straight away. Prepurchase exams may include an undersaddle part of the exam where the veterinarian can observe the horse performing his/her intended discipline. Lameness work ups may include peripheral nerve or joint blocks as well as diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and digital radiography. Our new CR digital radiograph system allows on site radiograph viewing and diagnosis. A CD of our quality views can be made for take home by the client. This is especially useful for prepurchase exams where repeats and multiple views are common and removes the need for repeat visits. Several treatment modalities can be made available to the client, from simple intra articular joint therapies to referral for further diagnostics, regenerative therapies or surgery.

Heather J. Wenzell, DVM